this/our approach is based on "knowing is not doing", i.e. your employees are made to acquire subject-related abilities and skills (know-how), and their resulting actions (do-how) are analysed, trained, and deepened. we convey as few theories as required, as much practice as possible. so we avoid being didactic. our focus is on challenging and promoting people so that they have the opportunity to reach their limits. we do this respectfully and in perceptible steps.

it is possible to attend modular training series (curricula), or to optimise personal abilities and raise one’s efficiency with custom-made intensive or individual modules.

we train

  • guide through challenging phases
  • team leadership (e.g. virtual team leadership)
  • individuals who promote you/your organisation
  • excellent handling of claims and returns
  • focused communication and negotiation
  • negotiate in difficult situations (e.g. e-auctions, negotiation in the presence of competitors,
    gender and/or diversity-issue, inappropriate behaviours)
  • problem-solving techniques
  • decision-making techniques
  • excellent behaviour