our techniques

schmidt training.co gmbh has been active since 1999 and has been able to gain extensive experience, which in turn becomes obvious in the methods and approaches. at the same time the individual needs of the clients play an enormously relevant part, as they represent the form of the usual and/or also desired approach in this particular enterprise. their experience, and ours, complement each other effectively. in a training we would employ the following methods/approaches:

we supplement our intrinsic approach with the following techniques

  • mind-set-technique/"attitude"-work
  • conceptional work
  • practice in concrete situations
  • exchange of experience
  • keynote speech/group dialogue
  • group work/individual work
  • learning logs
  • role plays
  • feedback/self-reflection
  • "anchoring"-technique
  • comprehensive indoor and outdoor activities

through the long-standing experience and successful use of our techniques, we are often referred to as "the experts" by our customers. this characterization of our abilities and skills is apt as we can work on current issues and bring them to a suitable solution.